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Upcoming Webinar: OpenSpecimen Mobile App

Many of the OpenSpecimen workflows are better done on a handheld device instead of a desktop or laptop. The Mobile App is aimed at improving the productivity of lab and clinic staff, and reducing the data entry time.

Join us on 23rd March | 8 AM PST for a webinar where we will –

✅ Explain how the Mobile App can help your biobank streamline the data collection process?

✅ Demonstrate current features like registering participants, visit, specimens, etc.

✅ Demonstrate configurability options

Click here for registration.

Wizards of Biobanking Podcast

  • In this edition, we bring you the third episode of “Wizards of Biobanking” podcast. In this episode, Cassandra Griffin, Biobanking and Clinical Research Manager, University of Newcastle talks about various aspects of biobanking and the Australasian Biospecimen Network Association. Hope you enjoy this video!

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