Biobank Technician

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Duties and responsibilities:

Sample Collection, Processing and Banking:

– Ensure samples are collected and processed, labelled, stored and cataloged appropriately

– Perform DNA, RNA and protein extraction from blood and tissue samples

– Perform immunohistochemical staining of tissue samples

– Retrieve requested samples and prepare sample inventories/data reports as needed

– Prepare samples for shipping and receiving as needed per protocols

– Maintain sample data bases (freezerworks)

Biobank Management:

– Maintain necessary biobank supplies

– Maintain service records and prepare invoices for services

– Work with the Biobank Director to ensure adequate updating and organization of protocols related to research studies, the overall organization of the biobank, as well as the maintenance and calibration of equipment.

– Operate and maintain a variety of scientific instrumentation (e.g. centrifuges, freezers, sample processing machines

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