Washington University - 2018
Supports both longitudinal and prospective collections.
Biospecimen Centric Platform
Development Team (Pune, India)
One size does not fit all
Highly configurable to meet disparate needs
Weill Cornell Medical Center (2018)
Used in 65+ biobanks across 15+ countries
Across top biobanks in USA, Australia, Europe, Singapore, etc
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore (2016)
Most Liberal Licensing Model
Open source license. Unlimited users.
University of New South Wales (2018)
Collect High Quality Data
Collect annotations like clinical, pathology, images, genetics, etc.
University of Leicester, UK (2014)
Built Using Latest Technologies
Web based and supports latest technology stack
Australia Community Meet (Melbourne, 2018)
New features and improvements every 3-4 months.
Rapidly Improving
With RedCap,, EPIC, Cerner, instruments, etc.
OpenSpecimen User Conference 2018 - Pittsburgh
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Global Community

Used in 65+ biobanks across 16 countries including leaders like Hopkins, MSKCC, UPitt, UNSW, Melbourne, etc.

Friendly Licensing Terms

Unlimited users. Unlimited studies. Options for both on-premise or cloud deployment.

One size fits none

Add new fields or forms. Configure screens and workflows. Develop custom plugins to mimic local workflows.
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Study Based Collection

Design complete study calendar along with visits (e.g. screening, surgery, etc) and specimen collection.

Unplanned Collections

Collect left-over specimens after patient care. Track inventory & customize forms based on local data collection needs.

Barcode Samples

Print barcodes from OpenSpecimen during collection. Or pre-print to enable rapid data entry by barcode scanning.

Bulk Upload

Upload CSV files to bulk add, edit or delete data. Best suited to migrate legacy data. Create custom bulk upload templates.


Distribute samples to researchers or projects. Generate reports to track samples distributed per project and set targets.

API and Plugins

Easy to use REST APIs to interact with external applications or instruments. Develop own custom apps to meet local workflows.

Privileges and Security

Define user privileges at the study or site level. Create custom roles to meet local needs. Audit trial maintained for every transaction.

Multi-site Support

Single OpenSpecimen instance can manage specimens from multiple collection sites, repositories, and studies.

Inventory Management

Create freezer hierarchy as per local needs. Easy to manage freezers advanced features like clone, export, auto-select and reserve.

Custom Fields and Forms

Add new field, form or questionnaire using user interface. Zero support needed from the IT team or admins.

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