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Comprehensive Biospecimen Management LIMS

Used in 65+ research centers across 15+ countries, OpenSpecimen can help you track all types of biospecimens from collection to utilization for prospective biobanking, longitudinal collections, multi-site clinical studies, or non-human collections.

It also supports clinical and pathology data based on the study or disease (like smoking history, breast pathology annotations, genetics, lab tests, etc) and powerful reporting module.

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Irmgard Feldman
Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

University of California, Davis

OpenSpecimen is incredibly useful to us and I keep thinking about ways to use it not just for specimen/participant tracking but for any other purposes that need tracking such as training records, etc.

David Mulvihill
Director of Informatics for Siteman Cancer Center

Washington University

OpenSpecimen’s ability to easily configure the user interface creates streamlined ‘screens’ so technicians spend less time entering data. Processing large volumes of specimen data in bulk via the CSV file import feature is used regularly...

Audrey Partanen
Executive Officer

Victorian Cancer Biobank

We have been very impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise of the OpenSpecimen team in understanding the complex requirements of biobanking. They were genuinely interested in listening to our needs and finding the solutions that met our expectations...

John Miller
IT Biobank Manager

Oxford Biobank

OpenSpecimen is a cost-effective solution for us. We were previously locked into proprietary software. With extremely large upgrade costs which we were not able to meet. This is no longer the case with the increasing use of open-source software solutions