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When was the last time you took part in a play or skit? For most of us at Krishagni, either it was never or during

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A major impediment to scientific progress in Antarctica is access. Its extreme weather, remoteness, and inaccessibility to some regions make the logistics of conducting Antarctic

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Biosample Repository Facility was recently awarded accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) based on results of a recent

South Africa has launched a central system to coordinate up to a million biological samples collected in the country over the past 200 years and

Researchers have analyzed image and genomic data from the UK Biobank to find insights into rare diseases of the human eye. These include retinal dystrophies

Qatar has stepped up efforts for better medical research to treat specific diseases as well as to understand the human body, as authorities announced the

The Health Ministry is building collaboration with private pharmaceutical companies to support the establishment of a biobank ecosystem in Indonesia. The ecosystem will enable the

Biobank research may lead to an improved understanding of disease etiology and advance personalized medicine. Denmark (population ~5.9 million) provides a unique setting for population-based

Bimetra Biobank is the central high quality biorepository of University Hospital Ghent in collaboration with Ghent University (Belgium). Fully operational since 2015 in a new