Biobanking as a Newsletter – Nov 2020

Here is your monthly curated pick of biobanking news, jobs, and events from across the globe. OpenSpecimen Webinar Coleen Damcott, Director, Univ of Maryland Medical (UMM) Biorepository will talk about the usage of OpenSpecimen and integration with robotics freezer (Hamilton BiOS). Click here to register. Biobanking Conversations (BbC #2) – Gavin Higgins, Victorian Cancer Biobank BbC attempts to cover […]

University of Toronto Awarded $2.5 Million Funds For COVID19 Research

University of Toronto and its partner hospitals have been awarded a combined total of nearly $2.5 million to support infrastructure and equipment needs for two projects, each aimed at better understanding and tackling COVID-19. The funding is being awarded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation’s (CFI) Exceptional Opportunities Fund in an effort to help educational […]

Biobanking Conversations #2 with Gavin Higgins (Victorian Cancer Biobank)

Your Name:  My name is Gavin Higgins.  Explain your role in brief:  I am the Project Manager for the Victorian Cancer Biobank. I  manage client inquiries, project applications, implementation, and coordination of projects across the consortium. This may include dispatch of banked specimens and associated data to researchers, a bespoke collection of biospecimens, and clinical […]

Strategies For Better COVID-19 Clinical Trial Design

More than 3,000 COVID-19 clinical trials have launched in the past year. That sounds like good news, but many of these are ill-suited for identifying interventions that save lives. Bloomberg School researchers have responded with strategies that can better distinguish clinically meaningful signals from confounding statistical noise. Many COVID-19 trials have too small a sample […]

Arizona State University Renovated to Provide New Area for NEON Biorepository

A section of Arizona State University‘s Alameda Building, which houses the ASU Natural History Collections, is renovated to provide a new area for a biocollection named the NEON Biorepository. Nico Franz, a professor and principal investigator for the NEON Biorepository, said the project required additional cryogenic collections space. The new space will store ecological samples, including […]

Victorian Cancer Biobank manage 400,000+ biospecimens with OpenSpecimen

The Victorian Cancer Biobank (VCB) is a crucial part of the medical research landscape supporting researchers throughout Australia and around the world with the aim of delivering better clinical outcomes to people suffering from cancer. VCB is a consortium of five major health precincts in Victoria (26 hospitals within the network) including Austin Health, Eastern […]

UK Biobanking Showcase 2020 Highlights

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre (TDCC) held their annual conference UK Biobanking Showcase 2020 between the 12th and 16th October. This year’s conference was comprised of webinars and informal meet-ups throughout the week with attendance peaking at over 145 delegates.      This article focuses on some of the Biobanking Showcase highlights of […]

Living Biobank to House 800 Coral Species

An Australian conservation team is compiling a comprehensive living biobank of coral species, in case we need to rebuild the world’s reefs in the future. The Living Coral Biobank plans to collect and house more than 800 species of the world’s hard corals in a dedicated facility in Port Douglas, northern Australia. The biobank is a […]