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What does it take to get people to recognize that a crisis exists? Sometimes it is necessary to tell people again and again and again,

The Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovations Dr. Monica Musenero has launched the National Research Biobanking framework at Next Media Park in Kampala. The substructure

The National Irish COVID-19 Biobank (NICB) is an essential new component of Ireland’s response to COVID-19, in which the Health Research Board (HRB) has been

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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhubaneswar will soon have a brain bio-bank to facilitate neurobiology research. The one of its kind facility

Families of targeted missing Australian service members will be invited to help establish a DNA Biobank to aid in identifying recovered remains, funded by a

Biobanking refers to the practice of collecting human and animal biological samples, including blood, urine, bone marrow, saliva, spinal fluid, and tissue, for research purposes

A team from the Hubrecht Institute in collaboration with Erasmus MC University, both the Netherlands, have developed an organoid biobank of mutant intestinal organoids to

The Open Source Imaging Consortium (OSIC) today announced the launch of its global, data-rich repository of anonymized HRCT scans and clinical information regarding interstitial lung diseases

Biobanks play a vital role in research by collaborating with pharmaceutical industries and clinical research organizations. Biobanks provide various services required for clinical research (e.g.,

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