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Brain removal logistics are often complex and costly for brain donor programs, relying on in-kind support from funeral directors, clinicians, and mortuary staff. After tissue harvesting,

Biobanking has the potential to make valuable contributions to health research through the collection, storage, and sharing of human samples and data for research purposes.

As genetic testing becomes more and more part of standard medical care and research, the need for space to handle and store patient samples is

The underutilization of biospecimens stored in biobanks is a big problem. It is estimated that globally only about 10% of biospecimen are used. Underutilization is

The University of Szeged (SZTE) has started assembling a biobank sample storage system using world-leading Liconic robotics and with the help of an international team

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Biosample Hub, based in Wales, is a new worldwide platform providing a game-changing solution to enable researchers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to obtain

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are pervasive in society (Grant et al., 2016; Vadivelu et al., 2018), with dramatic societal and individual consequences. There are currently

Wroclaw Medical University Biobank (WMU Biobank), the first biobank from the BBMRI-ERIC network made a great effort to integrate the international standard for biobanks – ISO 20387:2018 – into their

The College of Medicine’s Institute for Personalized Medicine Biobank received accreditation for its exceptional storage, tracking and maintenance of samples from a national organization renowned for their

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