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The emergence and explosive spread of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in 2019 highlighted the need to rapidly develop curated biobanks to

QUT has been awarded a $3 million grant to build The Australian Human Microbiome Biobank. Majority of microorganisms from the human microbiome have yet to

We love how the OpenSpecimen community is growing and are thrilled to bring two events in the USA and the U.K. for our current and

The London Health Science Foundation received a $1-million gift to help improve prostate cancer care at the hospital. The large donation from Lexus of London

The Forever Reef Project is officially opening the doors to its Living Coral Biobank at the Cairns Aquarium. The facility marks the world’s first reef

Connecticut is poised to become a hub for endometriosis research and innovation following the unanimous passage of House Bill 6672, “An Act Concerning Endometriosis,” which

Biobank will help to better understand how a patient’s genetic makeup can impact the safety of their medicines. The biobank pilot will officially begin on

In a modern take on the Victorian gold rush, a Monash University-led project is successfully ‘bioprospecting’ for viruses known as phages that can kill deadly

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The Biobank of the South Galicia Health Research Institute (IISGS) directed by scientist and doctor Susana Teijeira Bautista, has exceeded 40,000 samples. This figure was