A Report on the Theater Workshop at Krishagni

When was the last time you took part in a play or skit? For most of us at Krishagni, either it was never or during school and college days. A two-day “Theatre Workshop” gave us all an opportunity to do just that.

Theatre can help in terms of exploring the unexplored or finding the hidden ability to express. In addition, by shedding the inhibitions associated with performing in front of an audience, one feels more prepared to face any challenges in their careers.

The workshop provided an opportunity to live theater as a way of expression and communication. From the challenges of rehearsals to overcoming stage-fright, each step in the journey helped us to become a stronger, self-reliant, and confident version of ourselves.

The workshop included enhancing verbal and nonverbal expression of ideas, improving voice projection, articulation, language fluency, and persuasive speech. 

Here is a short summary video of the workshop.