Tasmania’s first brain tumour biobank at Menzies Institute for Medical Research

The two brain tumor cases diagnosed months apart inspired a group of friends and family to raise money for brain cancer research, through the Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation.


James Ennever’s tumor was found soon after one of his mother’s colleagues was also diagnosed with brain cancer. Jo Kelder, who worked with James’s mum, said the group originally considered something small. But a couple of weeks later they thought ‘why don’t we go all out and raise a heap of money for something that is going to make a difference? They held a fundraising cocktail event in December 2020 and hit their target of raising $25,000 — enough to fund a significant research project.

The Royal Hobart Hospital Research Foundation selected a proposal to create Tasmania’s first brain tumor biobank at the Menzies Institute for Medical Research.

Once operational, patients will be able to donate tissue samples from their tumors, to be snap-frozen and stored for medical research.

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