Biosample Hub – a New Ethical & Transparent Way of Connecting Biobanks & Biotechs

Biosample Hub, based in Wales, is a new worldwide platform providing a game-changing solution to enable researchers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to obtain the biosamples they need.

Left-over clinical material like blood samples and excised tissue may be medical waste, but it can also be research treasure. This material is needed by researchers for the development of new drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines.

However, biosample procurement is not easy for the industry. According to recent research, 80% of companies in the UK found accessing patient samples unexpectedly difficult. Industry uses two main approaches for biosample procurement – consult a biobank directory or use a commercial broker, but both have their issues.

Read how the Biosample Hub provides a unique online platform allowing member biobanks and companies to interact openly and transparently, with personal support.

The user-friendly platform includes directories of biobanks, companies, and requests, together with social networking features. Consequently, there are no sample traceability issues and much greater trust and confidence.