Ask Me Anything about OpenSpecimen

We have started an interactive webinar series, ‘Ask Me Anything – about OpenSpecimen’. In these webinars, users can ask us questions on any feature, discuss a pain point their end-users face, or propose new features. 

The first webinar from this series covered the below topics. Watch the video to learn more.

  • When to use collection protocol groups?
  • Specimen centric vs participant centric collection protocols 
  • Shipping specimens between collection protocols 
  • Dashboard for a group of collection protocols
  • Queuing of bulk import jobs 
  • Integrations with other applications/instruments
  • Integrated queries 
  • Survey functionality  
  • Periodic security scans of the application 
  • OpenSpecimen’s online technical support 

Upcoming features in v8.2: 

  • Workflow plugin –  to support processing specimen workflows
  • Performing system tasks from UI
  • Alerts module – to send alerts for various activities done in the application, data validations, user training, etc. 
  • Audit enhancements – generate audit reports by specific records.