Participant Survey for Biobanks

Participant Survey
Collect Data from Participants via Email or Tablets

OpenSpecimen's Participant Survey module enables biobanks to use online surveys to collect data from participants for questionnaires and consents. For example, medical history, participant survey, informed consents, and so forth.

Traditionally, surveys are administered on paper and require tedious administration and logistics. It also poses a private health information security risk due to mishandling papers. With the widespread adoption of digital technologies, biobank participants can complete secure surveys sent via email, saving time, increasing engagement, and requiring less administration.


Online surveys are easy to distribute, more efficient, and streamline workflow and save time for both biobank staff and participants. For example, time spent in the clinic for data collection can be a barrier for participants and negatively impact the study.

Surveys are cost-effective, requiring minimal human resource power to reach people and collect data. With OpenSpecimen, biobank can send surveys directly from the system and do not need to import or copy data from paper.


Using OpenSpecimen, biobanks can create study-specific questionnaires that contain any number of questions with different field types including eSignatures. Surveys can have multiple pages and supports multiple languages. Survey designers can use HTML for visual appeal and ease of use.

For security reasons, Participants have a fixed number of days to respond to a survey before it becomes invalid. The data is transmitted securely between the Participants and OpenSpecimen.