Enhance power and productivity of your OpenSpecimen instance
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Enterprise Medical Records

Integrate with EMR applications like EPIC, Velos, etc to register participants and consents at real time.

Clinical Study Database (CTMS/EDC)

Integrate with clinical trials databases like OpenClinica, RedCap, Oncore to integrate at participant, visit and eCRFs.

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Rapid Data Entry

Develop custom screens and workflows specifically designed for your high throughput specimen collection. Increase end user productivity by 80-90%.

Barcode Scanners

Develop custom extensions to enable specimen collection via a series of barcode scans. Scan, scan, scan and click Collect!

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Specimen Requests

Researchers can filter data, shortlist specimens of interest and submit requests for distribution or shipments.

Tissue Microarray (TMA)

Manage arrays, slides and its cores. Collect associated data including images.

Specimen Catalog

Web based catalog to share data with researchers. Researchers can browse, shortlist specimens of interest and request.

Bulk Label Pre-print

Bulk register participants in advance and print labels to ship to collection sites for prospective collections.

Animal Collections

Collect specimens for animal based biobanks and its associated data.