Mobile Application for Clinical Coorinators

Mobile App

Collect Data for Participants, Primary Specimens and Questionnaires

OpenSpecimen's Mobile Application helps Clinical Coordinators collect data from participants using handheld devices like mobile or tablet devices. The mobile app is best suited for clinic staff standing in the clinics and handling multiple participants at the same time.


  • Collect demographics and questionnaires (like medical history)
  • Collect visits and primary specimen information
  • Lookup for participant and specimens
  • Offline mode data entry

Future versions will support features for biobank staff like specimen processing and inventory management.

Offline Mode Data Entry

In remote collection sites, where the internet is not available or unreliable, the "offline mode" data entry is useful. For example, one of our clients collects specimens in villages in Africa. Once the clinical coordinator has access to the internet, they can sync the data with the OpenSpecimen server.