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OpenSpecimen v4.2.x Release

Krishagni is happy to announce the release of v4.2. This version includes usability improvements, reduced clicks to collect specimens, speed improvements, and bug fixes. Click here for detailed release notes:

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Tissue Microarray (TMA)

Developed with initial funding from SingHealth (Singapore). Manage arrays, slides and its cores. Create custom forms linked with an array and collect annotations including images.

Specimen Requests

Developed with initial funding from Stanford University. Researchers can filter data, shortlist specimens of interest and submit requests for distribution or shipments.

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RedCap Integration

Developed with funding from Stanford University and University of Utah and further enhanced by Krishagni to generalize for other centers. Highlights: 1. Link a REDCap “Project” with an OpenSpecimen’s “Collection Protocol” 2. Pull all clinical data from REDCap and store in OpenSpecimen 3. Supports both longitudinal and classical REDCap studies Benefits: why integrate? 1. Productivity: Save time […]

EPIC, Velos and other EMR

Integrate with EMR applications like EPIC, Velos, etc to register participants and consents at real time or nightly dumps.

OpenClinica Integration

Developed with initial funding from FIND Dx (Geneva) and enhanced by Krishagni based on adopter needs. Integrate with OpenClinica at individual study level to avoid duplicate data entry and query for samples for OpenClinica and OpenSpecimen together.