University of Maryland Medical Biorepository OpenSpecimen Webinar

Anna Mantsoki, Biobank Data Scientist, FIND Diagnostics (Geneva), will present how they use OpenSpecimen to manage biospecimens collected from multi-center clinical studies and integration with OpenClinica (EDC).

FIND Diagnostics is a global non-profit organization driving innovation in the development and delivery of diagnostics to combat major diseases affecting the world’s poorest populations.

OpenSpecimen at FIND:

  Using OpenSpecimen since 2017

  Manage specimens from countries across Africa and Asia

   Integrated with OpenClinica (EDC)

Webinar Agenda:

  Interview with FIND OpenSpecimen implementation team (20 mins, Srikanth Adiga, Stefano Ongarello, Anna Mantsoki)

  Implementation at FIND (30 mins, Anna)

  Conclusion and questions (10 mins)

Introductory OpenSpecimen Webinar -FIND
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