OpenSpecimen Community Meet 2017

The OpenSpecimen Community Meet 2017 was held in Miami on Sep 18-19. The informal meeting notes can be found here: click here. Attendees: Krishagni: Srikanth Adiga, Poornima Govindrao Washington University: Dave …

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OpenSpecimen configurability

This article highlights OpenSpecimen’s high degree of “configurability” to serve different types of biobanking workflows. Biobanking is a very dynamic and diverse field where a “one size fits all” approach …

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OpenSpecimen January newsletter

  Here is an update on the latest happenings in the OpenSpecimen world. Got any ideas or feedback on OpenSpecimen? Click here to go to the OpenSpecimen survey form. Highlights:  v3.4 …

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OpenSpecimen Technology Stack

OpenSpecimen is developed using latest technology stack and versions of the prerequisite software. Software development stack User interface: Angular 1 and Angular 2 Backend: Java Spring Prerequisite software Browsers: Latest …

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OS v3.2: Auto bulk upload feature

In OpenSpecimen v3.2, we are releasing a new feature to consume CSV files automatically if dropped in a folder. For more details read our forum post: ~Sri

OpenSpecimen April status updates

Here is a short update on the progress of OpenSpecimen and I hope you will find it informative. OpenSpecimen is fast becoming the de facto informatics platform for biobanks. Apart from …

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OpenSpecimen: February highlights

In case you missed tracking the latest news about OpenSpecimen, here are some of the highlights of the last month. OpenSpecimen talk at the CI4CC conference at Napa Valley (Mar …

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