Consent management for Biobanks

The enthusiasm surrounding biobanking and clinical research has gone through an upsurge in the past decade. Governments and industries have been heavily investing in these studies and, undoubtedly, the medical and scientific benefits have been enormous. But even with such scale of infrastructure, the industry lacks a consensus on the subject of ‘Informed consent’ (1,2). […]

OpenSpecimen’s SpecimenCatalog Helps Researchers Find Biospecimens of Interest

As funding bodies push for translational research, more researchers need access to biospecimens and de-identified clinical data. However, it can be difficult for researchers to find which biobanks store the specimens they need since data is not easily accessible. On the other hand, biobanks have a bigger problem – improving their specimen utilization rate. More than two-thirds […]

OpenSpecimen “High Availability” deployment for speed and stability

For large enterprise biobanks, e.g. with 20+ concurrent users, it is imperative to setup your biobank data server across multiple app servers (Tomcats/JBoss) behind a load balancer. Load balancer helps in achieving high throughput, minimizing response times and better utilisation of resources. A by-product of setting up load balancer is to increase reliability and availability […]