SpecimenCatalog: Sharing Data with Researchers

Most biobanks struggle with improving “utilization ratios” of their collections. The utilization ratio is the ratio of the specimen collected vs. distributed – which is critical for a biobank’s “sustenance.” SpecimenCatalog helps with sharing biospecimen data with researchers. It provides an easy-to-use interface for researchers to look for specimens of interest and submit requests. Catalogs […]

New feature in v6.2 – Custom Form Enhancements

From v6.2 below enhancements are made to simplify the forms UI and make it user-friendly.   Ability to search forms by additional filters:  Earlier the forms were searchable only by name. It was difficult to find out which CP or level the forms were attached to. From v6.2, two new search filters are added: Collection Protocol […]

New feature in v6.2 – Clinician Role

Clinical staff at the hospitals are responsible for the collection of participant data and primary specimens. They are not concerned about other biobank workflows e.g. specimen processing, storage or distribution. OpenSpecimen has introduced a new default role “Clinician” for such users. Clinician users can only perform participant registration, ship specimens, and accession primary specimens. To […]

New feature in v6.2 – Collection Protocol Groups

Often, the same set of forms and UI screen designs are used for multiple CPs within a site. The problems with this are: Not able to query across multiple CPs using custom forms Cumbersome to manage updates to JSON workflows in multiple CPs From v6.2, OpenSpecimen allows creating “Collection Protocol Groups (CPG)” for easy maintenance […]

New feature in v6.2 – Impersonate Users

From v6.2, Super administrators can “Impersonate” other users. For example, if a user complains of an issue specific to their role, super administrator can impersonate as that user and debug it. Any action performed during impersonation is audited under the user impersonated. For more information refer: https://openspecimen.atlassian.net/wiki/x/X4CB

OpenSpecimen – REDCap Integration

OpenSpecimen can be integrated with REDCap (or other EDCs like OpenClinica) to eliminate manual data entry and query data across the two systems. The plugin is currently used by many customers. Benefits Productivity: Save time and avoid human errors in doing duplicate data entries Powerful queries: Find specimens and participants using integrated queries across datasets from […]