New feature in v6.2 – Custom Form Enhancements

From v6.2 below enhancements are made to simplify the forms UI and make it user-friendly.  

Ability to search forms by additional filters: 

Earlier the forms were searchable only by name. It was difficult to find out which CP or level the forms were attached to. From v6.2, two new search filters are added:

  1. Collection Protocol title
  2. Attachment level

Better UI to attach forms: 

Initially, the forms attachment levels were primarily CP driven. However, the UI to attach forms was confusing since we now support many non-CP related levels (e.g. Container, Site, DPs, etc). 

This is resolved in v6.2 with a much cleaner UI to attach forms.

Ability to edit the multi-record option: 

Sometimes there might be protocol changes and the user might need to switch from single to multiple record collection or vice versa. Earlier it was not possible to edit the multi-record option. From v6.2, the user can edit it just by checking/unchecking the checkbox next to the multi-record option. 

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