By: Bob Lange, Project Leader, Johns Hopkins University

Description: Bob talks about how they use the OpenSpecimen APIs to integrate with external databases and SpecimenCatalog to share biospecimen information with researchers inside JHU.

By: Poornima Govindrao, Product Manager, OpenSpecimen

Description: Learn how to create advanced reports, pivot tables, calculated fields, hierarchical queries, sub-queries, etc. using OpenSpecimen’s powerful reporting module.

By: Anna Mantoski, Biobank Data Scientist, FIND Diagnostics

Description: Anna talks about how they manage multicenter collections using OpenSpecimen and how the OpenClinica-OpenSpecimen plugin helped them streamline their workflow.

By: Dave Mulvihill, Director Informatics, Washington University

Description: Dave talks about how their Tissue Procurement Core (TPC) uses OpenSpecimen’s “Project Tracker” module to streamline biobank “Projects and Requests” – eliminating cumbersome Excels and relying on emails.

By: Coleen Damcott, Director, University of Maryland Medical (UMM) Biorepository

Description: Coleen talks about the implementation of OpenSpecimen for high throughput specimen collection and integration with Hamilton BiOS robotics freezer.

By: Irmi Feldman, Biorepository Manager, University of California (Davis) Pathology Biorepository

Description: Irmi talks about OpenSpecimen implementation at the University of California Davis Pathology Biorepository and how they achieved CAP Accreditation.

By: Dave Mulvihill, Director Informatics, Washington University

Description: Dave talks about OpenSpecimen implementation at Washington University at the enterprise level.