OSCON23: OpenSpecimen Community Meet 2023 – AUSTRALIA

We are pleased to announce a free one-day OpenSpecimen Workshop at the Gold Coast (Queensland). The event will be held one day before the ABNA conference.

Location: Gold Coast (Queensland)

Venue: Sea World Resort

Dates: Oct 17, 2023 (one day before ABNA conference)

About the workshop:

  • One-day free event for OpenSpecimen current and prospective users.
  • Includes demos & workshops on new features, product training, technical sessions and product roadmap.
  • Talks by adopters about their experiences and best practices.
  • Network with users from other biobanks & exchange ideas.

Agenda: Click here

“Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to put this conference together. I appreciated the opportunity to speak at OSCON22 and thought the conference was incredibly useful and informative. What you have done with OpenSpecimen is very impressive.”

-Dr. Mark Watson, Washington University School of Medicine

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