Biobanking as a Newsletter – June, 2019

Your monthly pick of biobanking buzz from the OpenSpecimen team. Email us at if you have any news, journal articles, tips or job openings you would like to share.

Fresh of the Press:

  • Autonomous drones are now delivering biospecimens in North Carolina, Ghana, and Switzerland.
  • The Humanwide pilot project by Stanford Medicine improved patient diagnosis and disease prevention by combining data on social and environmental factors, genetic and pharmacogenomic testing, and data from mobile monitoring devices such as glucometers and blood pressure cuffs.
  • Cornell Veterinary Biobank is the first biobank in the world to receive accreditation based on the new ISO 20387 standard from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).
  • Researchers can improve the quality and quantity of circulating free DNA (cfDNA) by standardizing and documenting donor age and health status and by standardizing biospecimen handling protocols.

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OpenSpecimen News:

V6.1 release: OpenSpecimen v6.1 is released! Check out what is new in this release in this announcement.

New Clients: We welcome the University of Miami Medical Center, Telethon Kids (Perth) and Columbia University Medical Center to the OpenSpecimen community.

Feature Highlights and Case Studies: