OpenSpecimen January newsletter


Here is an update on the latest happenings in the OpenSpecimen world. Got any ideas or feedback on OpenSpecimen? Click here to go to the OpenSpecimen survey form.
  •  v3.4 release
  •  New adopters
  •  Case studies
  •  4.0 release plan
v3.4 release
v3.4 is now available for production use. Please see the release announcement Click here.
The major enhancements are:
  • Auto container allocation
  • Specimen barcoding support
  • Bulk import validation and template enhancements
  • Multiple data format support in bulk import
  • Password security enhancements
  • Shipment enhancements
  • And others…
New Adopters
  •  Durrer Center for Cardiovascular (Amsterdam / BBMRI-NL)
  •  University of Maryland (Baltimore)
  •  University of Pennsylvania
  •  University of Michigan (MTPI)
  •  FIND Diagnostics (Geneva)
Case Studies
4.0 release plan
As has been the tradition, we roll over to the next major release version number at the start of a year. The scope of 4.0 will include:
  •  Integration with automated freezers (Hamilton BIOS)
  •  Consent coding and consent validation during distribution
  •  Bulk registration and collection kit preparation
  •  Enhancements to rapid and simple data entry plugins
  •  OpenClinica integration

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