Implementation at Victorian Cancer Biobank

Victorian Cancer Biobank (Melbourne) has been using OpenSpecimen since 2016 as an “Enterprise-Wide” Biobanking LIMS.

VCB is a consortium of five major health precincts in the state of Victoria. The VCB provides cancer researchers with a diverse selection of high-quality biospecimens and derivatives, comprehensively annotated with de-identified clinical outcome data.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn how VCB uses OpenSpecimen, their best practices, and more.

Duncan Villanueva (Data Systems Manager) will present how they use OpenSpecimen to manage biospecimens collected from multiple sites. He will also participate in 20 min interview session.

OpenSpecimen at Victorian Cancer Biobank:

  • Multi-site collection across 5 sites
  • Manage 400,000+ biospecimens
  • Usage of SpecimenCatalog to share data with researchers