OpenSpecimen v5.0 Release

We are happy to announce the release of OpenSpecimen v5.0 with many new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The main focus of v5.0 is to make OpenSpecimen user interface highly configurable to mimic site-specific workflows.

What is new in v5.0?

Reserve specimens for a distribution protocol for future distribution.

Supplies management help you track inventory of barcoded or non-barcoded supplies like tubes, collection kits, boxes etc.

Collect multiple specimens: Easy to use interface to create multiple specimens and aliquots in one-go. The page is configurable to include custom fields and design the layout as needed.

Advanced UI configurations via JSON:

  • Configurable headers and breadcrumbs
  • Different fields on parent vs child specimens
  • Hide activity/event panes
  • Include collection & received event fields on primary specimen page
  • Configurable specimen tree and table
  • Initialize values based on other fields. For e.g. collection date defaulted to visit date
  • Configurable visit fields on participant overview page
  • Control fields to be displayed in the overview
  • Include calculated fields on the overview page. Example: Timelapse from processing to collection time.
  • Configure multiple fields per line to better utilize screen space

Many bugs fixes and minor enhancements:

  • Quantity is now optional to allow creation & distribution of specimens like paraffin tissue
  • Reorganization of buttons
  • Support for bulk transfer from “Actions” button
  • Easy navigation between CP overview and participants list for admins
  • Quick search by participant name

For release notes, links to user manual and download: Click here

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