OpenSpecimen v4.1 release

We are happy to announce the release of OpenSpecimen v4.1 with new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Release highlights:

  1. Bulk delete of objects
  2. Export of admin objects (to move data from test to production environments)
  3. Display specimen list within containers
  4. Link collection protocol with distribution protocols
  5. One-click specimen distribution
  6. Support for multiple values of ethnicity and clinical diagnosis
  7. Support for participant level custom forms (i.e. global across all CPs)
  8. Better support for box scanners in rapid data entry plugin

Detailed release notes: Click here

Summary of what’s new in v4.1

Bulk edit users (e.g. select 5 pending user accounts and unlock them in one-go)

Reserve specimens from a collection protocol to one or more distribution protocols

Distribute in one-click
If collection protocol is linked to distribution protocol, users can distribute easily from collection page. This allows for immediate distribution of prospective collections.

Containers Features
View and export specimens from container view at any level like freezer, rack, box etc. Users can also select specimens from this view and perform bulk operations like aliquot, derivative, event etc.

To download

Enterprise version:
Community version:

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