University Medical Center Utrecht goes live with OpenSpecimen!

Great news from OpenSpecimen! We proudly announce that on 13th Sept 2022, the University Medical Center Utrecht (Netherlands) central biobank successfully migrated from its old BIMS to OpenSpecimen.

UMC Utrecht is an academic hospital for the central region of The Netherlands. Their central biobank’s mission is to develop a state-of-the-art biobank to collect, and process quality annotated biospecimens required for medical-scientific research.

Currently, they will be using OpenSpecimen to manage 3 million biospecimens for 300+ studies, which will likely be extended soon.

Highlights of this implementation:

  • First Dutch center to go live. We have two more to go – UMC Amsterdam and UMC Groningen.
  • Legacy data migration (~3M specimens across 300 studies)
  • First ‘Workflows’ module implementation (~40 workflows)
  • Integration with GLIMS – used in the lab to provide participants and primary specimens

“The project’s success displays the high degree of configurability of OpenSpecimen to adapt to different workflows and ease of integration with other systems. The new Workflows module is a game-changer for OpenSpecimen users. It allows us to configure highly-customized specimen processing workflows which will mimic the steps followed by end users in the lab.” said Srikanth Adiga (CEO, OpenSpecimen). 

“Our implementation project consisted of three major components: a brand new HL7 interface from our LIS (GLIMS),  full data migration from our legacy BIMS (LMS), and the design and implementation of the new (!) Workflows to guide the lab processing in OpenSpecimen. On all three topics, we made good progress because of the continuous and professional support by the Krishagni team. Chapeau!”, Jaap van Minnen, Project Manager, UMC Utrecht. 

Switching from one BIMS to another with so many samples and ongoing protocols has been both an exciting and thrilling process. This could not have been achieved without the unceasing support of everyone involved. We highly appreciate the efforts made by Krishagni/OpenSpecimen to enable the implementation of our workflows. We expect that the implementation of OpenSpecimen in additional Dutch centers will also provide further support for the national Health-RI initiative of the academic centers’ biobanks.” said Dr. Imo Höfer, Head Central Biobank, UMC Utrecht.  

On behalf of the OpenSpecimen team, we thank the UMC Utrecht team that made this project go-live on schedule. A large part of the success is due to the team at Utrecht led by Jaap Minnen (Project Manager) and Rosalien Veldhuizen (Lab Manager). Jaap helped navigate the complexities of data migration and other moving parts, and Rosalien provided the inputs to design the workflows per lab needs. 

Congratulations to all who were involved in this project!