OpenSpecimen Technology Stack

OpenSpecimen is developed using latest technology stack and versions of the prerequisite software.

Software development stack

  1. User interface: Angular 1 and Angular 2
  2. Backend: Java Spring

Prerequisite software

  1. Browsers: Latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari on Mac
  2. Databases: Oracle 11g & 12g OR MySQL 5.x
  3. Web server: Apache Tomcat 7.x and 8.x
  4. App server: Apache Front-ending (for high availability)


OpenSpecimen is a 100% REST API enabled application. The user interface uses the REST APIs, i.e. all the functionality exposed via the user interface is also available via REST APIs.

To read more, visit the REST API documentation page.

Identity Provider Integration

OpenSpecimen can be integrated with institution’s identity provider (like Active Directory) using LDAP or SAML. This will ensure that end users do not have to remember multiple username and passwords to access their OpenSpecimen account.

To read more, visit the Identity Provider documentation page.

Barcode printer integration

OpenSpecimen can be integrated with any type of barcode printer (Zebra, Brady, etc) with the help of an intermediate software like Bartender, NiceLabel, CodeSoft, etc.

To read more, visit the printer configuration page.

Integration with external databases or instruments

OpenSpecimen can be easily integrated with any external databases (e.g. RedCAP, OpenClinica, Epic, CoPath, Aperio, etc) or instruments (e.g. automated freezers, testing instruments, etc).

To read more, visit integration home page.

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