OSCON18 and v5.1 updates…

Hope you are enjoying the summer! It has been raining heavily in Pune which most of us love! Pune is famous for old forts on mountain tops (to give a vantage point against the British army) and it is customary to go for treks during the rains.
OpenSpecimen team at the Jangira Fort – a rare fort built inside the Arabian Sea.
Now back to whats happening in the OpenSpecimen world…

OpenSpecimen Specimen Community Meet – OSCON18

Join us for the annual community meet of developers and adopters of OpenSpecimen to learn new features, workshops and network with fellow OpenSpecimen users.

New features in v5.1

We have been working on some cool new features – thanks to the active inputs and participation of our adopters. We are aiming to release v5.1 by mid-end August.
Here is an overview of the new features…
1. Sub query support (in collaboration with Univ of Pittsburgh)
This is a powerful enhancement to the query module. It will enable building many new types of queries.
E.g. Search samples to be distributed to a PI but eliminate participants whose specimens are distributed to this PI in the past.
2. Request module (SAHMRI (Adelaide))
  • Default requestor to logged in user.
  • Ability to navigate between request and order
  • Notify all DP PIs and Coordinators when the request is approved or rejected
  • Allow orders to be searched by request ID.

3. Shipment module  (Washington University)

  • Relabel specimens when receiving specimens
4. Distribution module  (SAHMRI (Adelaide))
  • Store specimens in a temp storage tank after distribution
  • Track picking specimens from the temp tank
  • Define cost per specimen in Distribution protocol
  • Allow order processed email to be turned on/off at the DP level.

5. Specimen cart (Washington University)

  • Configure columns in CSV export
  • Configure columns in the cart view

6. Download print files on the user desktop (University of British Columbia)

A very handy feature when OpenSpecimen server and printing software not on the same network.

7. Others:
  • UI, usability and performance enhancements
As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback on OpenSpecimen.

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