OSCON17: OpenSpecimen community meet 2017

We are happy to announce this year’s “OpenSpecimen Community Meet (OSCON)” plans.

About OSCON:

  • Is an annual event of OpenSpecimen adopters and ones planning to use in the future.
  • Covers demos of new features, product training, technical sessions and product roadmap.
  • Talks by adopters about their experiences and best practices
  • Meet adopters from other biobanks, exchange ideas and best practices.
The Surfcombers Resort, Miami, Florida, USA
  • Community meet: Sep 18-19
  • Superuser training: Sep 20-21
Registration fees:
  • Community meet: $495 – Before July 10th; $695 regular
  • Superuser training: $2900
* 50% discount on the community meet fees if you present a case study or a poster.
* 20% discount for support contract holders
A detailed agenda will be published shortly. Topics covered will be:
  • Progress made in the last year
  • Roadmap for the next year
  • Presentations by adopters on their usage of OpenSpecimen
  • Hands on training session on new features
  • Breakout sessions for newcomers
  • Technical sessions on REST API usage, integrations and plugins
Please feel free to email us any questions or feedback.

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