OpenSpecimen @ ISBER 2016, Berlin

ISBER‘s annual conference is a great place to meet existing and prospective adopters, catch-up with competitors and other vendors. It’s a melting pot of the who’s who of the biobanking world and truly a global event.

DSC_0109As in every year, we had our OpenSpecimen booth this year too. Going by our usual practice, we do not really have a very fancy booth. We keep our booth simple with a few standees, info booklets and few goodies from India. The conference is mainly an opportunity for us to meet people from different countries – many of whom we know since years and make some new friends.

OpenSpecimen Community Dinner Meet

We had an OpenSpecimen dinner meet at an amazing Indian restaurant – Amrit. We had people from Lund University (Sweden), Karolinska University (Sweden), University of Amsterdam, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), and SAHMRI (Adelaide). The food and beer at Amrit was great and a must visit place in Berlin if you love Indian food.

Meeting competitors and other vendor

The ISBER conference is also a great time to meet folks from the industry. We have very friendly relations with other software vendors and biobanking device manufactures. It is a great time to discuss about industry trends, latest buzz, potential tie-ups and some gossip. We are always looking to partner with other vendors with complementary offerings and help each reach achieve our goals.

ISBER 2017 will be in Toronto and we look forward to be there.

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