Krishagni Team Outing: An enjoyable day!

With the WFH scenario, it is challenging to have team bonding, especially when new people are onboard. Though we have work-related calls and chats daily, it doesn’t help team bonding and building friendships between colleagues.

Taking advantage of declining COVID cases and relaxation on travel rules, the team at Krishagni decided to plan an outing. Garudmaachi, a pioneer of outbound management training located in the wilderness near Pune, was shortlisted unanimously. 

On 19th November 2021, we gathered near Chandni Chowk to set off for a fun-filled outing. The team did not know what to look forward to since the activities were planned by the Garudmaachi team.

Who needs the internet with such a splendid view around… 

Team Building Activities

The experienced team at Garudmachi (Amit, Anish, and Rajesh) planned and managed all the activities and were helpful throughout the event.

Introduction in Kho-kho Way

Since there were many new people in the team, ‘introduction’ was our first activity. We often struggle to introduce ourselves and get anxious to open up, especially in front of co-workers. Hence, to make it a fun activity, we were asked to share an interesting fact about ourselves and our challenges at work. 

Passing the Tyre

The primary objective of this activity was to pass a tyre through each member of the team while holding hands in a circle. As a team, we discussed how to do the task in minimum time. After three attempts and sessions of analysis, we finally managed to pass the tyre in 40 seconds. This activity tested our patience, proactiveness, and focus. The takeaway from this activity was the importance of team involvement and inputs. We also learned the significance of listening to others so that no idea is left out.  

Group Activities 

We were split into two teams for further activities: ‘The Dogs’ and ‘The Garuds.’ Each group had five members.

Relay Race

It was a slightly different relay race. Each team had one paper cup at a distance of four meters. The team had to put a bouncing ball into the cup using semi-tubes in 30 minutes without dropping it. Each team struggled to do the task. However, after a while, we discussed and figured out the correct way to complete the task. We learned the famous theory about team development through this activity: Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing.

Scattered Numbers

In this game, there were scattered placards numbered from 1 to 40. We had to step on the numbers in ascending order in minimum time. However, we could inform our team members only through gestures. This activity helped us understand how people with different expertise can help the team grow. You don’t need to be the jack of all but be able to identify and value the strength of your team members.  

Chemical Factory

It was the most exciting activity. We were given a scenario – 

“Team Krishagni has expanded their business to the chemical industry. They are visiting the new plant, and suddenly there is an accident. The team has to escape the factory as quickly as possible.” 

The team was given 40 mins to complete the task, including any discussion needed for the task. There were three chemical zones that we had to escape. But we missed the basic instruction. The task was given to the Krishagni team and not the Dogs and Garud teams. Though we had double the resources, slight negligence made the task difficult. We understood the importance of communication: both in terms of understanding the instructions and asking questions.

Radioactive Ball Game

It was a challenging game and tested our unity. There were three poles. We had to move a ‘Radioactive Ball Game’ from one pole to another and back to the first pole without dropping it. We had to do this using a ring attached to 10 ropes. We could use the ropes to maneuver the ring. This activity ensured the involvement of each team member at each step of the game. 

Imagine how flattered the sponge ball was, being the center of attention 😉


We often grow into fear, gradually creating a cocoon of ‘comfort,’ unwilling to explore anything outside it. Height is one such thing. The fear of “what happens if I fall from here” blinds us from the unique experience one can have. Rappelling helps you to overcome the fear of heights. By the time your feet reach the ground, you have also created a crack within your cocoon of comfort and shed light on other traits you have yet to find out about yourself. 

Sunset and Swimming 

After all the adventurous and unique experiences, it was time to unwind. Around 5:30 PM, we started walking to the other side of Garudmachi. We climbed a small peak. It was a beautiful sight to watch from atop. The breeze of fresh air was soothing. After some photos and fun, we went to the pool. Sadly, nobody was thrown into the pool :). In the evening, we had some scrumptious bread-pakoras and tea.

Dinner by Campfire 

The relaxed atmosphere, snacks and food, music, chit-chat topped with loads of laughter: in short, the perfect ‘dinner by the bonfire.’ The central irony lies in the fact that there was no fire and no dinner until much later. Perhaps that is how things work – not everything requires the ‘perfect components’ to make them perfect. 


Even after a hectic and eventful day, many enthusiasts woke up early for a short trek the next day. We were accompanied by the guides and a new friend – ‘Yuvraj Qureshi,’ the dog we couldn’t help but pat all through the previous day. We ascended the mountain, huffing away and in awe of nature’s beauty. Climbing the hill may be tiring, but descending was scary, especially because Yuvraj suddenly decided to overtake us. Breakfast was extra-satisfying after the trek.

Bidding Adieu to Garudmaachi

Post-breakfast, we all sat around discussing our experiences at the camp and the plans. We thanked the Garudmaachi team and took off for home. The effect of the outing was visible. Our arrival and departure from Garudmaachi were only a day apart, yet we had so much more to share. The conversation changed from “What were you doing before joining OpenSpecimen?” to a full-blown discussion on random topics. Seeing people in different settings truly does help you know them better.

“We returned home with beautiful memories, stronger bonds, and lessons that will help us succeed in life,” said Divya Prabhu, Member of Domain Staff. 


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