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How much does it typically cost to adopt OpenSpecimen?

Refer to the Pricing page.

How many users or studies can we use OpenSpecimen for?

We do not bill based on users or studies. You can add unlimited users, unlimited, studies, and unlimited specimens.

What if there is a missing feature that we need?

We will work with you to identify if the feature is really missing and suggest any workaround. If not, we will work with you to develop the new feature if you are able to fund the development.

How do I schedule an online demo?

Visit the Schedule a demo page and one of us will get back to you shortly.

Product questions

Is OpenSpecimen a LIMS?

No. OpenSpecimen is not a Laboratory Management System. OpenSpecimen is a biobank or biorepository centric software platform.

What are the high level features of OpenSpecimen

OpenSpecimen supports: Tracking specimens for multi-site clinical studies, hospital-based unplanned collections, inventory management, consent tracking, specimen distribution, invoicing, TMA, barcoding, reporting, dashboarding, auditing, etc.

Read more in "Features" sections.

Does OpenSpecimen support label printing and scanning?

Yes. OpenSpecimen can support printing labels or barcodes, and scanning when collecting. Read this page for more details.

Technical questions

What is OpenSpecimen developed in?

Java Spring and Angular JS for User interface.

What is the technology stack?

Latest versions of: Tomcat, Apache (for load balancing / high availability), Oracle, MySQL, any modern browser, Linux or Windows operating system.

What kind of hardware is needed to deploy OpenSpecimen?

Typically you will need 3 servers. You can have lesser if you are a smaller biobank (say <5-10 users).

  • Production: 2 servers (one web app server, one database server)
  • QA: 1 server (web app and database on the same server)