Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Electronic Data Capture

Electronically Collect Questionnaires, Forms and Surveys

OpenSpecimen's EDC (Electronic Data Capture) module enables clinical research centers to collect study or disease-specific data about participants or specimens. The data collected can be in the form of questionnaires, surveys, or forms entered by the clinical coordinators.

For example:

  1. Patient medical history
  2. Screening form
  3. Environmental survey
  4. Test results
  5. Genetics or Imaging


Why use OpenSpecimen's EDC module?

Typically centers use EDCs like REDCap to collect clinical data. However, utilising multiple applications can be costly and cumbersome.

Maintenance Cost:  The overhead of maintaining two applications can be expensive and cumbersome. Multiple applications will result in multiple servers, databases, vendors/developers, etc. which can add considerable IT overheads.

End-user Training: End-users have to be trained on multiple applications. This can be challenging with staff turn-over and new users, and as the adoption of the solutions grows across the enterprise.

User Productivity and Errors: Multiple applications mean duplicate data entry leading to productivity loss and human errors.

Powerful & Integrated Reporting: OpenSpecimen has an in-built reporting module that is easy to use and supports advanced reports. By using a single application across clinical and biospecimen data, one can build powerful queries across the two datasets.

Mobile App Support: Such data is typically first recorded on paper and is then transcribed into the system and saved in an electronic case report form (eCRF). Using the mobile app, data can be captured directly in the application using mobile or tablets.

Survey Support (Patient mode): Surveys forms can be sent to study participants via email, and can they can fill in the data from their home.

Reporting: OpenSpecimen's Reporting module enables you to create reports based on the EDC data, surveys, and biospecimen data.