eConsent Module for Biobanking and Clinical Research


Electronically Collect Consents on Tablets or via Email

OpenSpecimen's eConsents for Biobanking helps clinical research centers to collect both types of consents - study-specific and broad-based consents. This module enables biobank staff to obtain consent information from participants on a desktop, tablet, or email. 


Why use OpenSpecimen's eConsents Module?

Having one system helps you avoid "data silos" and costly integrations. Also, multiple applications will lead to higher IT overheads and higher training costs. 

Below are some of the main features.


OpenSpecimen's Reporting module is powerful and easy to use. It supports creating reports across datasets, save, share, or schedule reports.

For example:

1. List of participants not consented

2. Participants consents between two dates

3. Minors turning 18 in the next 30 days

4. Specimens from participants who have withdrawn consents


OpenSpecimen allows you to define validations like:

1. Do not allow specimen collection if participant not consented

2. Do not allow specimens distribution based on consents (e.g., not consented for external research)


Open-eConsents supports form versioning along with maintaining the link to the previous versions. You can also generate reports based on version numbers.