Auckland Region Tissue Bank adopts OpenSpecimen

Customer Speak

“We were looking for a robust and structured system that is able to manage our biobank in a constructive way. We chose OpenSpecimen as the system was able to be customized to our specific needs and the developers, Krishagni were dedicated to biobanking and had a vast depth of experience that we could tap into”.

Tissue Bank Manager – Mr. Phillip Shepherd

Recently, AXT Pty. Ltd. (our distributor) published news about OpenSpecimen adoption by Auckland Region Tissue Bank (ARTB). ARTB is a partnership between the “University of Auckland” and all three Auckland metropolitan district health boards (DHBs) ‒ Auckland, Waitemata and Counties Manukau.

Currently, ARTB houses around 125,000 samples. It stores the tissue and blood specimens donated by patients to support ethically approved medical research. These samples are made available to researchers from the University of Auckland as well as throughout New Zealand and collaborators further afield.

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