University of Maryland Medical Biorepository OpenSpecimen Webinar

Dave Mulvihill, Director Informatics, Washington University (WU) Tissue Procurement Center, will present how they use OpenSpecimen’s “Project Tracker” module to streamline biobank "Projects & Requests" - eliminating cumbersome Excels and relying on emails.

OpenSpecimen at WU:

  Using OpenSpecimen since 2008 

  Managing 2+ million biospecimens

   Integrated with BioMS and REDCap

   Usage of Project Tracker plugin

Webinar Agenda:

  Interview with WU OpenSpecimen implementation team (20 mins, Srikanth Adiga, Dave Mulvihill, & Lee Myrick)

  Use of Project Tracker at WU (30 mins, Dave)

  Conclusion and questions (10 mins)

Introductory OpenSpecimen Webinar
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