FIND Diagnostics OpenSpecimen Webinar

Bob Lange, Project Leader, Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research, will present how they use OpenSpecimen to manage biospecimens collected from multiple studies and integration with in-house pathology database and Epic (EMR).

Johns Hopkins has been using OpenSpecimen for the last 10+ years as an "Enterprise-Wide" Biobanking LIMS. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how JHU uses OpenSpecimen, best practices, and more.

OpenSpecimen at Johns Hopkins:

  Enterprise-wide usage for 10+ years

  Manage 70+ collection protocols and 400,000+ specimens 

   Integrated with in-house pathology database and Epic (EMR) 

Webinar Agenda:

  Interview with Johns Hopkins OpenSpecimen implementation team (20 mins, Srikanth Adiga, Bob Lange)

  Implementation at Johns Hopkins (30 mins, Bob)

  Conclusion and questions (10 mins)

Introductory OpenSpecimen Webinar - JHU
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