Specimen Catalog

Create an online catalog of specimens you wish to share with the external world. Allow researchers to shortlist specimens of interest and request.


Send and receive specimen shipments to offsite storage repositories or across different repositories. Track and fulfill requests.

API and Plugins

Easy to use REST APIs to interact with external applications or instruments. Develop own custom apps to meet local workflows.


Generate reports based on filters including custom fields. Export to CSV. Or add to shopping cart and request for specimens.


System administration via user interface. No IT involvement or access to server.

Barcode Samples

Print barcodes from OpenSpecimen during collection. Or pre-print to enable rapid data entry by barcode scanning.

Study Based Collection

Design complete study calendar along with visits (e.g. screening, surgery, etc) and specimen collection.

Unplanned Collections

Collect left-over specimens after patient care. Track inventory & customize forms based on local data collection needs.

Inventory Management

Create freezer hierarchy as per local needs. Easy to manage freezers advanced features like clone, export, auto-select and reserve.

Multi-site Support

Single OpenSpecimen instance can manage specimens from multiple collection sites, repositories, and studies.