Programmatic Access (API)

OpenSpecimen API allows other systems to integrate and inter-operate to read and write data from the database. The OpenSpecimen API is robust and ensures authentication, authorization and data validation. The OpenSpecimen Suite API is generated using the NCI/caBIG caCORE SDK toolkit. caCORE is an open-source enterprise architecture for NCI-supported research information systems. caCORE is built using formal techniques from the software engineering and computer science communities. The four characteristics of caCORE include:

  • Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • n-tier architecture with open APIs
  • Use of controlled vocabularies, wherever possible
  • Registered metadata

The use of MDA and n-tier architecture, both standard software engineering practices, allows easy access to data by other applications. The use of controlled vocabularies and registered metadata, less common in conventional software practices, requires specialized tools that are generally unavailable.

For information about caCORE, see the caCORE documentation page.