Data Retrieval And Reporting

OpenSpecimen provides multiple ways to retrieve data, and generate and schedule reports. Results are filters per the users privileges for roles and privileges including HIPAA compliance so participant privacy is maintained. OpenSpecimen provides the following data retrieval mechanisms.

Google-like Keyword search

Scan or enter Label or Barcode and look up a specific object. 

Simple and Advanced Search

OpenSpecimen provides features to create queries to retrieve data including dynamic extension and surgical pathology reports. Once created, you can export the data into CSV file, save the query, share it with other users, and reuse it multiple times. 

Custom reports and Scheduler (in Plus only)

Create reports that generate CSVs, PDFs, using direct SQLs, SQL procedure, or any other program of your choice, and plugin the report into OpenSpecimen. You can also schedule reports to run daily, weekly, monthly and so forth to securely email reports to designated recipients.

Query Functionality
Query Functionality
Query Functionality