Managing Millions of Specimens Across Thousands of Studies

Track Complete Lifecycle of your Biospecimen Inventory from Collection to Utilization.

Collect high-quality data based on your research needs (like smoking history, breast pathology annotations, genetics, lab tests, etc.) and use our powerful reporting module to get data out.

Easily integrate with other databases or instruments like REDCap, Epic, Oncore, Hamilton BiOS, etc.

Highly Configurable Biobanking LIMS

Our Products

Biobanking LIMS

Track Biospecimens from Collection to Utilization

Mobile Application

Register Participants, Questionnaires & Consents

Participant Surveys

Collect Data from Participants via Email or Tablets

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

Electronically Collect Questionnaires,
Forms and Surveys

Specimen Catalog

Specimen Catalog Helps Researchers find
Biospecimens of Interest

Case Studies

Tara McSherry-Hurst, University of Pennsylvania (USA)

The user interface is extremely intuitive and streamlined the data entry flow - so that real-time data entry is possible. We were also impressed by the querying and reporting module. We find the developers to be responsive and helpful with any issues, questions, or requests that arise.

Maggie Ling, Victoria Cancer Biobank (Melbourne)

We have been very impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise of the OpenSpecimen team in understanding the complex requirements of biobanking. They were genuinely interested in listening to our needs and finding the solutions that met our expectations.

David Mulvihill, Washington University (St. Louis, USA)

OpenSpecimen’s flexible user interface (UI) works very well for the different biorepositories and workflows at our institution. The ability to easily configure the user interface creates streamlined ‘screens’ so technicians spend less time entering data.

Irmgard Feldman, University of California (Davis, USA)

We use OpenSpecimen to track sample use and to find specimens for UC Davis researchers. With its extensive configurability and ability to create whatever custom data entry forms are needed, OpenSpecimen is just perfect for us.

Our Customers

Highly Configurable Biobanking LIMS

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