Data Strategist and Deputy Chief Information Officer


What makes the job special (key responsibilities and accountabilities)?

  • Lead the development of data strategy for BBMRI-ERIC in collaboration with BBMRI-ERIC leadership team; engage with National and Organizational Nodes of BBMRI-ERIC to prepare datafication plans for biobanks, including identification of tools, solutions and best practices to implement the strategies.
  • Engage with stakeholders of BBMRI-ERIC to collect and analyze their needs and contribute to defining IT strategy to support implementation of these needs.
  • Coordinate data strategies with other ESFRI infrastructures in the life sciences cluster and beyond.
  • Identify funding opportunities and develop and implement international projects that support implementation of the IT and data strategy of BBMRI-ERIC.
  • Act as a deputy CIO of BBMRI-ERIC.
  • Contribute to major ongoing and upcoming projects including EOSC-Life, EJP RD, HealtyCloud, and EHDS2 Pilot.
  • Represent BBMRI-ERIC IT communities in international organizations and initiatives (ISO, RDA, GA4GH, EHDS, EOSC, ESFRI), on high-level European and international policy meetings and contribute to the development of funding opportunities for BBMRI-ERIC communities.

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