University of Maryland Medical Biorepository OpenSpecimen Webinar

OpenSpecimen’s Reporting module lets you create very powerful reports and is yet "easy to use" by any non-IT person.

In this webinar, you will learn features like:

  Creating reports with multiple filters and expressions
  Creating a “pivot table” report
  Scheduling reports
  Using results of one report as input in another report
   Hierarchical queries
  Reports based on calculations in dates and numeric fields
  Organizing reports in folders and sharing
  New in v8.0: Limit by the total quantity of aliquots

You are welcome to submit questions or queries that you would like us to cover in the training. Feel free to forward this to other OpenSpecimen users in your group.

Register even if the date/time does not suit your schedule. We will email you the recording.

Introductory OpenSpecimen Webinar
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