Request And Ordering

Supports complete workflow of ordering bio-specimens. Researchers can search for bio-specimens of interest, add to shopping cart, and request for distribution. Specimens can be requested based on contents of a surgical pathology report also. Tissue bank staff with appropriate privileges can view the order list and process the distribution by dispensing the whole or part of the bio-specimen. 


This graphic shows the Biospecimen ordering workflow as described.


Placing an Order

For an order to be approved, there should be an approved Distribution Protocol in the system. Any Researcher with access to OpenSpecimen can request for:

  1. Bio-specimens or arrays that reside in the tissue bank (for example: tissue, DNA, RNA, serum, and plasma).
  2. Bio-specimens that do not exist, but can be derived from an existing bio-specimen in the system. For example: a user identifies a frozen tissue specimen of prostate tumor and requests 3 mg RNA from that tumor tissue. RNA for this sample does not exist in the system. Therefore, RNA will be first created from the tissue, accessioned into the system, and then distributed.

Bio-specimens that are part of a surgical pathology case but do not exist in the system as individual specimens (paraffin blocks), or derived specimens or aliquots (cut sections). For example: a user identifies a particular surgical pathology report and wants ten uncut slides from the tumor and metastatic lymph node block from that case. The bio-specimen resource retrieves the appropriate blocks from the requested case and accessions them into the system as individual specimens. These individual specimens or aliquots from each block will be cut (that is, sections cut into slides) and then distributed.


Review and Distribution of Specimens
Tissue bank staff with Distribution privilege can review order requests and approve for distribution. Once the Scientist places an order for specimens, if you have the Distribution privilege, you can view the pending orders list of the specimens or arrays belonging to the sites, for which you have access. You can process the orders and distribute only the specimens or arrays stored in the site to which you have access. The Administrator sets the status of each specimen, specimen array, and specimen and specimen arrays associated with an SPR.