Multi-Site Support

Host a single instance of OpenSpecimen bank specimens from multiple repositories. Role-based access allows individual users to have assigned privileges based upon their affiliation with an individual bio-repository or their involvement in a particular collection protocol (study), independent of actual physical location. Hence, users at different institutions involved in the same study can have the same privileges assigned. Access is controlled with individual user group-assigned privileges, which can be further controlled at the object, record, and attribute (protected health information - PHI) levels and defined within independent specimen repository sites. For example, a technician at one bio-specimen bank may be able to add, edit, and view specimens represented within his/her site but may only be able to view specimens located another site. Similarly, a principal investigator involved in the collection of DNA samples from a specific study group may be able to view all available DNA specimens and associated participant de-identified demographic information contained in the entire database but will only be able to view corresponding patient names and dates of birth for those patients enrolled on his/her own study protocol.