Free & Open Source

The word "Open" in OpenSpecimen stands for "open source". Open source is a type of software license in which the software and source code that makes the software is available freely on the internet. In other words, there is no license fee to buy OpenSpecimen. In addition, you also have the freedom to make modifications to the software yourself.


You might ask "What is the catch? After all, there isn’t such thing as free lunch". We are often asked "why are you selling a free software?"


OpenSpecimen was initially developed with federal funding from N.C.I (U.S.A) under the open source license. Since 2011 when Krishagni took over further development of the product, we continued to honor the same licensing terms. We strongly believe that there is a strong need for a world class open source biobanking software. Krishagni’s has been fortunate to work with top-notch research centers across the globe who have directly or indirectly funded the continued development of OpenSpecimen.


OpenSpecimen is developed under BSD 3 Clause Open Source license. Please visit to learn more about "open source".